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Advocacy/Influence is one of the primary benefits offered to Chamber members, however it is also the most difficult to quantify the value of.


As a business owner, what if one day you find yourself ‘victim’ of a municipal, provincial or federal government decision that limits your effectiveness or impacts your bottom line?  Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone with influence to go to bat for you?  Wouldn’t it be great if that influence carried the weight of hundreds of other businesses and had a positive track record of results?  That’s what you get with a Chamber of Commerce membership; hundreds of voices all primed to come to your business’ aid if ever necessary.  That’s what we call Advocacy.


Advocacy is like car insurance.  You may never need it, but it’s nice to know you have it.  Consider our Advocacy your business insurance.  Keep it in your back pocket.  In case you ever need it, it’s priceless.


If you have an item that deserves our attention and advocacy strength, please contact our office.

The Board of Directors determine an official stance  and the issue is advanced with the appropriate authorities.